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We connect and work with community groups to increase knowledge & encourage empathy and change attitudes & improve behaviour. Evidence indicates that where people have the knowledge, tools and strategies to manage their own health, then their mental health and wellbeing may be significantly improved (Mental Health Strategy for Scotland 2017 – 2027)*

Workshops for Adults:
Adult Mental Fitness workshops are delivered by qualified, experienced staff and offer participants an opportunity to gain a basic understanding of Stress, Anxiety, Low Mood and Depression.  Using a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approach, the course enables participants to engage in an interactive and informative workshop which will enable them to recognise some early signs and symptoms of poor mental health, gain insight into strategies to manage these and giving advice on where to find help and when.

Workshops for Young People:
These informative workshops are delivered by qualified, experienced staff.  They offer young people the opportunity to engage in an interactive workshop on the subject of mental health.  The young people will explore how their thoughts, beliefs and behaviours affect how they feel and how this can impact on their mental or physical health & well-being.  The information and group exercises help them to understand and recognise the early signs and symptoms of stress & anxiety, low mood & depression, how to deal with these and where & when to seek help.

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