Promoting Positive Mental Health

The Four Pillars

Pillar 1 – Recovery in Mind

We offer supported, welcoming groups and activities in which people feel safe and which help to:

  • reduce social isolation and prevent suicide
  • improve self-management and self esteem
  • build confidence and improve physical health
  • with opportunities to learn new skills and coping techniques

Pillar 2 – Minds at Work

We provide well-supported, effective opportunities for volunteering to:

  • people coping with or recovering from mental health problems
  • carers and family members having to deal with mental health issues
  • local people looking to share their skills and life experience
  • young professionals looking to gain experience of dealing with mental health issues

Pillar 3 – Speaking Our Minds

We aim to reduce the stigma around mental ill-health by working in partnership with others to:

  • raise awareness of the extent to which mental health issues affect our local community
  • involve non-service users in our activities so as to break down barriers
  • develop innovative activities and projects that will combat prejudice in this area
  • promote positive mental health attitudes through workshops and open meetings

Pillar 4 – Young Minds

Working in partnership with local schools, we aim to improve young people and children's knowledge and understanding of:

  • stress and anxiety
  • low mood and depression
  • how to recognise the signs and symptoms
  • how to deal with them
  • where to get help

Pillar 1 – Recovery in Mind

The range of groups, events and activities organised by Pillar staff introduces members to different ways of looking after their mental health and wellbeing, offers opportunities to meet new people from other organisations and community groups and to folk living in the area. Talking to people who have been through similar challenges can help people to:

"I have worked in Kincardine & Mearns since 2002 and since that time my health and social work colleagues and I have always valued the various groups and activities provided locally by Pillar Kincardine, recognising the benefit this organisation provides to people living with severe and enduring mental health conditions. This service is also invaluable to those who require regular, reliable support in order to maintain a reasonable level of mental wellbeing." Community Psychiatric Nursing Team Leader

"Many of our clients live in rural areas and experience social isolation and difficulties accessing services, and through attending Pillar groups they are able to form meaningful relationships with local people. Often these friendships help them overcome practical barriers including poor transport links as well as emotional barriers such as the fear of being judged by others."

For more information about what's on when, see our Monthly Programme.

Allotment Gardening

Studies have found that even just one session of allotment gardening can contribute significantly to improvements in mental as well as physical health with reductions in tension, depression, anger and confusion, greater self-esteem and enhanced enjoyment of life.

Drop-In Service

"Although I manage to work, sustain relationships and experience periods of good mental health I value knowing that Pillar is there for me, offering me somewhere to turn to when things are getting too heavy." Ernie, Pillar Member

Meet & Eat

Tuesdays are very important to us, we meet and eat with each other, cook together using the produce we grow in our allotment, welcome new members, participate in structured gentle exercise, hear about local events and contribute to planning our service.

It helps to speak to other people who have been through similar challenges about how we feel and what we experience, and to know that we are not alone in the way we feel. We experience a sense of belonging to a community, have come to understand how common mental health problems are in our area, and believe that everyone experiencing them deserves support.

"Graham's disability means he is alone and at home for long periods of time most days. But on a Tuesday he has a purpose and focus which is such a boost. There would be a real likelihood that without support like the Pillar group Graham's mental wellbeing would plummet even further and result in crisis." Graham's wife, Heather

Visits and Outings

Visits and outings benefit Pillar members through the companionship and stimulation enjoyed in these group activities which involve occasional visits to theatres, cinemas etc but also exploring new and interesting places in Aberdeenshire and beyond. Because such outings are relatively infrequent they often have a special and memorable significance for the individuals who participate.

"I was so desperate that one day in our local doctor's surgery I looked around the room and found a flyer on the wall for Pillar. Little did I know how my life was going to change!" Wendy, Pillar Member

Walking Group

Monday - our morning health walk is such a great way to kick start the week, it's something to get up for, to get out and get some fresh air, speak to people, see what's going on around us and take exercise that's achievable. Porty Paths, for example, is a short, safe, social, fun, accessible, low level walk led by trained leaders around Portlethen, followed by a cuppa and a blether.

Women's Group

About Pillar...
"I have just registered with them and I was so happy to finally find a service that can help me. I have a long term health condition with chronic fatigue so as you can imagine my mood can get very low in dark days. I feel if you have cancer or MS etc., there is specialised services available for these illnesses but nothing specific for what I suffer from. I have been made to feel so welcome by all the staff and other members and felt happy that I found a safe place to talk and feel understood." Carol, Pillar Member

"Pillar provides valuable opportunities to help our clients with support to self-manage their condition and contribute to the prevention of relapse which can often result in hospital admission. I firmly believe that if the services of Pillar were to change there would be very limited mental health supports located in the area providing regular, local input to people of all ages living with long term complex conditions." Community Psychiatric Nursing Team Leader

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