At Pillar Kincardine we hope our TEAM 26.2 campaign will raise awareness of the need to take a POSITIVE approach to mental health. We want to help to reduce the stigma surrounding mental ill-health so that people here in the North East of Scotland seek early help when they need it.   Because we should ALL encourage one another to look after our mental health.

Stuart Donaldson MP takes a selfie with some Pillar members and supporters, & Maureen Watt MSP


  Aberdeenshire Health & Social Care Strategy 2016-2019 includes the following example of good practice:

"Locally-based Third Sector mental health services work with people to support improvements in both mental health and physical health – diet, exercise and social activities. People are encouraged to join mental health support groups where they gain confidence and develop social skills, and then move onto mainstream community activities. Group work includes teaching resilience and self-management. This complements the work of psychiatrists, community psychiatric nurses, psychologists, occupational therapists and support workers."


  This describes exactly what Pillar Kincardine has been doing for nearly 30 years!  

But following the withdrawal of funding from Aberdeenshire Council we face imminent closure and are fighting to survive. Our work has had and continues to have a hugely positive impact on the families and friends of those we support.


  Which is why we are asking for your help us to allow us to continue  

Please help us to continue our work with adults of all ages, young people, and children :

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