Promoting Positive Mental Health

Becoming a Member

Membership of Pillar Kincardine is open to both service users and non service users, whether individuals or organisations.  Members who wish to become service users need to meet certain criteria.  Generally speaking when we refer to members in these pages we are talking about members who are service users.

What Needs Can Pillar Meet?

Our aim is to facilitate the kind of social contact which positively enhances mental health, both within our own meeting places around Kincardine and the Mearns and elsewhere in the community.  While it is not a treatment service, Pillar members are able to access advice, information and support when they are in crisis or in distress,

Members make positive choices about the groups or sessions they wish to use, in conjunction with other community resources and facilities.  They are also encouraged to become actively involved in the running of the organisation either by making suggestions through the monthly Members' Forum or by standing for election to the Board of Directors.

Moving On from Pillar

Membership of Pillar is not necessarily for life.  Pillar is there to be used as a stepping-stone into ordinary activities and services, and reviews of existing membership are undertaken on a rolling basis with regard to our membership criteria and individual circumstances.

Moving on can and should be a positive choice for members.  The friendships that people form through Pillar can be maintained outside the organisation without any direct Pillar involvement.

But moving on is not a one-way process.  Ex-members may return to Pillar at any point where their needs are compatible with the service we provide.

What Happens Next?

If you feel that membership of Pillar could be of benefit to you, contact us by telephone or email.  A member of staff will return your call (normally within a few days at most) and arrange a time to meet with you, either at your home or in another suitable location.

The aim of meeting is to find out what help and support you need, and to give you some more detailed information about what Pillar can offer.

Self Referral

If you feel your situation is more urgent please use the following link to open a Self Referral form which you can complete online if you have a browser which displays it correctly (if not, save it and open it separately in an up-to-date version of Adobe Acrobat).  You can then either post it or email it to us as an attachment and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Whichever method you choose you can be sure of finding a warm welcome at Pillar Kincardine.

Becoming a Volunteer

Pillar could not function without help from volunteers.  Most volunteers assist staff at member sessions and some serve (if elected) on the Board of Directors.

We work with our local Volunteer Centre to recruit suitable volunteers, but do feel free to get in touch directly by email or telephone to find out more about what volunteering with Pillar involves, and what it can offer.

As a prospective volunteer you are initially asked to visit Pillar to look round and have an informal interview.  We then ask you to come along regularly for a few weeks so that we can get to know you, and you can get to know us.

At the end of this period we will discuss your role, before you make any firm commitment to being a regular volunteer.

What Should I Do Next?

Because volunteers are so important to the functioning of our organisation we have both a Volunteers policy and a formal Volunteers agreement in the form of a checklist of what is expected on both sides.

Have a look at the policy and checklist to make sure they meet your needs as well as ours.  Then, if you are still interested, contact a member of staff at the Pillar Kincardine office. We look forward to hearing from you!

Becoming a Director

Our Board of Directors consists of member (ie service user) representatives and volunteers elected at each Annual General Meeting in accordance with the requirements of the Constitution, which states that there must be a balance of representation between the two groups.

Office bearers such as Chair, Vice-Chair and Honorary Treasurer are then elected or re-elected by the Board itself.

Directors must adhere to a Code of Conduct (including conduct at Board meetings) consistent with the Philosophy, Mission and Values which inform the work of Pillar.

The role of the director, their duties and responsibilities, are set out here.

What Should I Do Next?

If, having looked at the role of the director and her/his duties and responsibilities, you are interested in giving some time to help Pillar in this way, and feel that you have skills that would serve the organisation in good stead, please contact a member of staff at the Pillar Kincardine office as set out below.

Contact Pillar Kincardine

Feel free to ask for more information about our services. You should normally hear from us within 3 working days.

[Crossroads Building] 42-46 Barclay Street, Stonehaven AB39 2AX
+44 1569 767222


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